Products - Vacuum Components

The use of vacuum equipment in industrial automation has increased in popularity and practicality in recent years. The development of more compact, efficient, clean, and economical components and systems has driven this trend.

Airtronics offers cutting edge vacuum components that provide a more reliable and efficient way to generate vacuum.  We also offer a wide range of vacuum accessories.



Airtronics Vacuum Components
Air Logic
Low Differential Vacuum Switch

Air Logic Low Differential Vacuum Switch


Vacuum Inserts

Air-Vac Vacuum Inserts

Vacuum Pumps

Air Vac Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Actuator

Clippard  Vacuum Actuator

Air-Piloted Vacuum Valve

Clippard Air-Piloted Vacuum Valve

Modular Vacuum Generator

Clippard Modular Vacuum Generator


Vacuum Valve 1

Kip Vacuum Valve 1

Vacuum Valve 2

Kip Vacuum Valve 2

Snap-Action Vacuum Switch

Nason Snap-Action Vacuum Switch

Vacuum Switch

Nason Vacuum Switch

Vacuum Generator

SMC Vacuum Generator

Vacuum Regulator

SMC Vacuum Regulator


Vacuum Ejector

TPC Vacuum Ejector


Vacuum Gauge-1

UCI Vacuum Gauge-1

Vacuum Gauge-2

UCI Vacuum Gauge-2

Vacuum Cups

Vi-Cas Vacuum Cups